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Generally, from January to June, every other year, City staff, the Mayor and City Council work together to create a balanced budget by June 30, as required by law. A balanced budget is a plan to ensure that the City’s revenues equal our expenses. The creation of a balanced budget plan generally happens in three phases:

  1. Budget Development | February - May
    1. March 19 | The City’s Budget Office presented a five-year forecast to the City’s Finance Committee.
    2. Throughout April | The Mayor engages the public through town hall meetings and social media to answer budget questions and garner community insights (see calendar).
  2. Budget Deliberation | May - June
    1. May | The Mayor publishes the Proposed Two-Year Budget for public review and consideration by the City Council. The FY 2019-21 Proposed Budget can be accessed at the following link: FY 2019-21 Proposed Budget; the related can be accessed at the following link: FY 2019-21 Proposed Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
    2. May 7 | The Mayor and City Administrator will formally present the Proposed FY 2019-21 Budget to the City Council. The agenda for this special City Council meeting can be accessed a the following link: May 7, 2019 Special City Council Budget Meeting
    3. Throughout May | The City Council engages the public through town hall meetings, budget hearings, and social media to collect community insights and impacts. The presentation for these meetings is available at the following link: May 2019 Community Budget Forum Presentation
  3. Budget Approval | by June 30
    1. June 30 | Budget is adopted as required by the City Charter.


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