D1 Mural Funding

I'm excited to announce that my office has additional mural funding to distribute! I've been able to partially fund murals in various D1 locations including on Piedmont Ave., San Pablo Ave, Market St., Lowell St., and Claremont Ave., and I'm looking forward to funding more.



Grant applicants--grants are available up to $11,000--may be a District 1 neighborhood organization, community-based organization, business association, or a combination thereof, or an individual artist or pair of artists working with a property owner in North Oakland.

Interested artists and neighborhood groups should send drawings of their proposed mural to me (dkalb@oaklandca.gov), and include the following:

  1. Projects on private walls are strongly preferred. The wall must be visible and accessible to the public.
  2. Applicants must demonstrate interest and support from the local community or neighborhood in which the project will take place. Examples of support would be up three or more letters of support from neighborhood businesses, organizations or local community leaders; or a neighborhood petition expressing support and awareness of the proposed mural and its subject matter.
  3. Mural concepts should be site-specific (meaning having a specific relevance to the neighborhood and the location) and appropriate to the social, cultural, and physical conditions of the surrounding neighborhood.
  4. Preference will be given to local artists/artisans (neighborhood residents) whenever possible, and Oakland-based artists/artisans. All proposed projects located on private property must be accompanied by a written signed letter of participation by the property owner. The property owner must agree to sponsor the project for the length of time specified in the proposal. The length of time the property owner commits to maintaining the mural or green wall will be established in the agreement.
  5. For proposed murals on City property, the applicant(s) will be responsible for securing required permits, when necessary, from the appropriate City agency.
  6. The proposed media for a mural or green wall must ensure the project’s longevity and durability.
  7. The artist must prepare the wall surface as necessary prior to painting or applying living plants.
  8. Multiple coats of an effective graffiti-resistant UV coating on the completed mural will be required.

Please note that the following projects are not eligible for this funding:

• Projects proposed for public, non-City owned sites such as Caltrans property (e.g. freeway underpass walls) or BART property, unless you have already obtained written clearance from the public agency.

• Proposals that do not address and remedy blighted walls/surfaces in highly visible locations.

• Proposals without evidence of support from and a plan to engage with the neighborhood community.

• Proposals for restoration of existing murals.