2019 3-Year Paving Plan Process

On May 7, 2019, the Oakland City Council adopted the 2019 3-Year Paving Plan.


Collect Data on Pavement Conditions Citywide

Fall-Winter 2018

Develop Budget Scenarios

February 2019

Develop 3-Year Workplan & Share at Community Mtgs

March 2019

Draft Plan to City Council for Adoption

April 2019

Plan Adopted by City Council

May 2019


In the past, the City has only been able to prioritize just a handful of major streets for repaving due to limited funds. Now with Oakland's Infrastructure Bond (Measure KK) and guaranteed gas tax revenues (Senate Bill 1), the City can increase paving on neighborhood streets while still keeping major streets in good condition. Following policy direction from City Council, staff have developed a plan that incorporates equity, street condition, and safety to prioritize repaving in the next three years, encompassing 2019-2021.

On May 7, 2019, the Oakland City Council adopted the 2019 Three-Year Paving Plan, which targets and prioritizes:

Plan Targets

  • Demonstrate quick action with a 3-year citywide paving plan
  • Deliver $100M in paving construction, tripling Oakland's average annual spending
  • Prioritize $75M on local streets to improve neighborhood quality of life

Plan Prioritization

  • Major streets prioritized based on street condition and traffic safety history
  • Local streets prioritized based on equity, street condition, and proximity to schools

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