Oakland Ranks 5th in 2024 Clean Energy Scorecard by ACEEE

City of Oakland recognized for exemplary efforts in advancing clean energy goals

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OAKLAND, CA - The City of Oakland has been ranked 5th in the 2024 City Clean Energy Scorecard by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACCEE), solidifying its position as a leader in the fight against climate change. This is a significant feat in Oakland’s work to address climate change, as Oakland jumped from 10th place last year to 5th this year.

The ACEEE Scorecard is considered the gold-standard in rating cities on climate progress and evaluates the efforts of 75 major U.S. cities in promoting clean energy initiatives, with a focus on equitably enhancing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Oakland's performance in the scorecard reflects its  commitment to sustainable practices and equitable climate solutions. The City has demonstrated significant progress in various categories, including community energy infrastructure, transportation policies, and equitable practices– earning commendation from environmental advocates and experts alike.

Mayor Sheng Thao of Oakland expressed her pride in the city's achievement,stating, "Oakland's dedication to building a more sustainable and equitable future has once again been recognized on a national scale. Our city remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing clean energy goals, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, prioritizing environmental justice. Our steadfast commitment to clean energy practices creates opportunities for good paying green economy jobs which help narrow the racial wealth gap This ranking reaffirms our collective efforts to create a healthier, more resilient Oakland for generations to come."

Daniel Hamilton, Oakland's Sustainability and Resilience Director, emphasized the city's ongoing initiatives to promote clean energy and address climate challenges. "We are proud of Oakland's progress in using climate-friendly solutions to expand housing supply, lower utility bills, and create green jobs," said Hamilton. "From investing in clean hydrogen technology to expanding urban tree planting initiatives, Oakland continues to lead by example in building a more resilient and inclusive community."

Oakland's impressive performance on the ACEEE Scorecard is underpinned by a series of notable climate achievements since Mayor Thao assumed office:

  • California Hydrogen Hub Funding: Oakland is set to receive federal funding as part of the California Hydrogen Hub initiative, accelerating the adoption of clean hydrogen energy technology and fostering local job creation.
  • Urban Tree Planting Initiative: The city has been awarded $8 million in federal funding to support tree-planting projects across Oakland, addressing air quality concerns and fostering community engagement.
  • Bloomberg American Sustainable Cities Initiative: Oakland was selected as one of 25 U.S. cities to participate in this initiative, expanding green jobs for Black residents to confront climate change and improve neighborhoods.
  • Lincoln Community Resilience and Recreation Center Grant: Oakland secured a $9.25 million grant to construct a state-of-the-art facility providing essential services for vulnerable communities during emergencies.
  • Environmental Justice Plan: Oakland passed its first Environmental Justice Plan, prioritizing communities disproportionately impacted by pollution and adverse health impacts.
  • Transit-Oriented Development Zoning Changes: The city implemented zoning changes promoting compact, walkable communities with access to public transportation.

As Oakland celebrates its ranking in the 2024 Clean Energy Scorecard, the city remains committed to driving progress towards a more sustainable and equitable future. Through continued collaboration with community partners, stakeholders, and residents, Oakland aims to build upon its successes and further elevate its leadership in clean energy and climate action.

For more information on Oakland's Clean Energy Scorecard results, please visit ACEEE's website.


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Posted: April 30th, 2024 3:14 PM

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