Oakland Co-Hosts Annual Point in Time Homeless Count

More than 500 community volunteers registered to walk Oakland's streets and gather data

volunteers gather in a large cafeteria space

Today, starting at 5am, a record-setting number of volunteers gathered at three hubs in Oakland to participate in the annual Point in Time (PIT) count co-hosted by the City of Oakland in partnership with Alameda County. The PIT count provides a snapshot of homelessness on a single night in Alameda County.

Using a new methodology, volunteers visited more than 1200 encampments in Oakland, engaged with individuals experiencing homelessness, and distributed $10 gift cards to those willing to take a short survey. The new methodology and the unprecedented volunteer levels are expected to result in a more accurate count of homelessness than in prior years.

“Today’s point in time count exemplifies Oakland’s shared commitment to working to end homelessness,” said Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao. “Hundreds of volunteers from every part of the City woke up early to help us create a voice for those experiencing homelessness as well as collect invaluable data for the City, County, State, and Federal Government to use in our shared fight against poverty. I am incredibly grateful to our city staff who stepped up to make this year’s Point in Time Count possible as well as every person who participated. Together, as One Oakland, we can create a compassionate and inclusive Town where no one is left behind.”

"The point in time count helps to ensure that federal and state governments can respond to the needs of those experiencing homelessness," said Assemblymember Mia Bonta. "More importantly, an accurate count ensures communities that need the most amount of resources are receiving their fair share to adequately address the needs of the unhoused individual and the needs of the community. Thank you to the City of Oakland for spearheading this locally."

“Every corner of the Oakland community showed up today to deliver an historic level of engagement of more than 500 volunteers for this effort to recognize and support our unhoused neighbors,” Assistant City Administrator LaTonda Simmons said. “Volunteers included individuals and groups from our faith community, nonprofits, civic organizations, local small businesses, corporations, and City and County employees turn out in record numbers. Our community recognizes that it will take all of us to address this issue, and with today’s count they have invested their time in an essential step forward to help our federal partners in HUD, and our local service providers and City departments, identify where the needs are greatest so we can prioritize them accordingly.”

“An accurate homelessness point in time count is essential to planning and implementing meaningful solutions that provide relief from these conditions," said Darlene Flynn, Oakland's DIrector of Race and Equity. "The outpouring of support from volunteers, partner agencies and community organizations makes this possible. Thank you for being part of this life giving effort to document right sized resources needed to serve our unhoused neighbors.”

“We have solutions to bringing all our neighbors home, and this data, even if imperfect, will be part of a more effective roadmap. Like the Census, the PIT count has struggled in past with undercounting. This year, with more than 1,000 volunteers stepping forward countywide, especially at 5am, we see that the public knows how important this work is, said St. Mary’s Center Executive Director Sharon Cornu. "St. Mary's Center applauds Home Base, Alameda County and Continuum of Care for the technology and process innovation.”

“Our new Street Outreach Program, funded by US HUD, is providing outreach workers trained in trauma informed care to improve the count and surveys,” said Letteria Fletcher, St. Mary’s Center Clinical Director. “Better data will help us target services and provide the important human connection that brings neighbors home.”

"As an Oakland Homelessness Commissioner, I am dedicated to championing the rights and well-being of our unhoused neighbors" says Candice Elder, Founder of East Oakland Collective. "We strive to amplify our advocacy, organizing, and policy efforts, working tirelessly to bring essential resources to Oakland's most vulnerable residents. Together, we believe in fostering a community where compassion and action converge to address the pressing issue of homelessness."

Data from the PIT count is used to:

  • Guide Decisions: Inform local government and non-profits in developing strategies to address homelessness.
  • Support Services: Enhance the capacity and quality of services provided to the homeless population.
  • Track Progress: Measure the changes of the homelessness population and the effectiveness of current interventions and identify areas for improvement.

The City of Oakland expresses deep gratitude to every volunteer and the many agencies and organizations supporting this tremendous effort such as Alameda County, CA Waste Solutions, Kaiser Permanente, St. Mary’s Center, East Oakland Collective, Youth Uprising, Caltrans, as well as our media partners Tinka with KMEL/iHeart Radio, KTVU, KPIX, KRON, CBS, Oaklandside, the Oakland Post, and so many others

2024 City of Oakland PIT Count Sponsor List

  • Kaiser Permanente
  • CA Waste Solutions
  • Youth UpRising
  • St. Mary’s Center
  • East Oakland Collective
  • iHeart Radio
  • Oakland Private Industrial Council
  • Fremont Bank
  • Trader Joe’s
  • LAO Family Community Development
  • West Oakland Health Center
  • Homeless Action Center
  • Cal-PEP
  • The Red Door Catering
  • Colonial Donuts
  • Melanin Meanings
  • Rising Sun
  • Ascension + Courtsmith
  • City Team
  • Incredible Church
  • Jack London Square Chapel
  • Lake Merritt United Methodist Church
  • City Center Church
  • Faith in the Bay
  • Oakland Police Department

About the City of Oakland Homelessness Division

According to the 2022 Point in Time Count, more than 50% of the homelessness within the County of Alameda is in the City of Oakland. The Homelessness Division within the Office of the City Administrator was created in June 2021 to lead the Citywide response to homeless encampments and local and regional agency and resource coordination. To date, the Homelessness Division has completed more than 840 encampment operations while continuing the coordination of shelter and housing resources to expand the City’s response to homelessness. Today’s effort reflects the City’s commitment to pursuing ways to expand the resources in coordination with the County of Alameda to address the growth of homelessness and encampments in Oakland.




Jean Walsh
Public Information Officer


Posted: January 25th, 2024 3:13 PM

Last Updated: January 26th, 2024 10:23 AM

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