Measure KK at Work: Rainbow Recreation Center

The Oakland Public Works Department will celebrate Saturday the City’s newest recreation facility and park at the Rainbow Recreation Center in the Seminary Neighborhood.

Photo of the new Rainbow Rec Center

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May 17, 2019

Measure KK at Work: Rainbow Recreation Center

Oakland, CA – The Oakland Public Works Department will celebrate Saturday the City’s newest recreation facility and park at the Rainbow Recreation Center in the Seminary Neighborhood. Serving more than 95,000 enrolled participants and more than one million drop-in users annually throughout the city, Oakland Parks, Recreation & Youth Development (OPRYD) welcomes and encourages the community to participate in the exciting programs, camps, and classes at this beautiful new center in which this East Oakland neighborhood was intimately involved in designing and supporting.

Grand Opening: The public is invited to celebrate the Grand Opening of the new facilities:

5800 International Boulevard

Saturday, May 18

10a.m. – 1p.m. (ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10am)

OPRYD will host activities including art, sports, play demonstrations, music, food, prizes and building talk and tour by the architect and artists on building features!

Community Planned Project and Art Integration: The project included over 14 meetings with community, focus groups and staff during the design process. The design is reflective of the community’s soul through the vivid color choices and intentional reminders about diversity. The community and consultant team considered multiple criteria for safety, health and wellness, building community and themes of diversity, inclusivity and beauty through color and art. The center provides a recreational respite from the busy International Boulevard commercial corridor.

The Oakland-based project team carefully translated the community’s needs into the design and execution. Architects Byrens Kim Design Works captured the community’s quest for a unique identity through an iconic wave roofline and artist Peter Richards contributed to the design team’s integration of art in architectural elements such as the sundial, welcoming arch with diffraction grating, shadow canopy and holographic/multi-color windows symbolically reiterating the community’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity. General Contractor JUV, Inc. meticulously assembled these components, contributing expertise to address and overcome construction issues. City’s Public Works Department Project Manager, Denise Louie, and Resident Engineer, Alan Chan led the project tea

The glass mosaic mural along International Boulevard, “Rainbow Power”, is created by Oakland artist, Johanna Poethig, commissioned by the City’s Public Art Program. The figures are based on photographs of community youth that are connected through their gestures with the colorful backdrop inspired by the surface of bubbles.

“I am thrilled to celebrate with our community today on this milestone for our East Oakland community and for our world-class project delivery staff,” Mayor Libby Schaaf said. “Projects like this highlight the full vision of Measure KK: an infrastructure that serves all Oaklanders. As the City’s new paving plan is prioritizing numerous local streets, we’re also delivering new community spaces like this one. Our families will be driving on new, smooth streets, to enjoy new, beautiful facilities like Rainbow Rec!”

“For years, Rainbow Recreation Center has been providing high-quality programming opportunities for the East Oakland community,” Oakland Parks, Recreation and Youth Development Director Nicholas Williams said. “I grew up in this neighborhood, so I know the value of its programs and services. Now, Oakland’s newest recreation center stands tall in the community. It is something this community, and the entire City of Oakland can be proud of. As we continue our journey to provide Oaklanders with best-in-class opportunities and experiences, we are delighted to have this new, state-of-the- art facility. Just as the rainbow you see in the sky encompassed all the colors, our new facility is welcoming to all. Come see for yourself, there’s room for you at Rainbow.”

“Projects like this would not be possible without the partnership between our engaged community members and our dedicated project delivery staff,” Oakland Public Works Director Jason Mitchell said. “This is a partnership that truly went above and beyond, and the results prove we can do anything in Oakland when we combine community partnerships and necessary resources.”

The project replaces and enlarges the former outdated recreation center, improves the site for ADA accessibility, adds a multi-purpose sports field, restores the creek area with picnic and exercise equipment, and adds interpretive education elements. Additional features include:

  • Entry plaza with sundial integrated into the roof
  • Open lobby space that can be used as a rental
  • Two multipurpose rooms that can be combined into one
  • Computer room
  • Kitchen that can accommodate cooking classes
  • Pantry and distribution service area to support the weekly food giveaway
  • Daycare Room
  • Office, restrooms, and other support spaces
  • Exterior plaza/picnic area
  • Soccer/flag football practice field with picnic and exercise equipment nearby
  • Native plants/low-water landscaping with vegetated bioswales to treat storm water
  • Water-conserving irrigation system
  • Sports and pedestrian lighting improvements

The $13.7 million project is funded by:

  • California Proposition 84 Bond (Statewide Park Program)
  • East Bay Regional Park District Measure WW Bond (Regional Open Space, Wildlife, Shoreline and Parks Bond)
  • California Department of Housing and Community Development’s Housing-Related Parks Program,
  • California Proposition 40 Bond (Youth Soccer and Recreation Development), and
  • The Oakland Infrastructure and Affordable Housing Bond, Measure KK

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