Starting February 1, 2022, City of Oakland to Require Proof of Vaccination at Indoor Public Locations

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Oakland, CA – Effective February 1, 2022, proof of vaccination will be required for people 12 years and older to enter the following indoor public locations in Oakland:

  1. Establishments or events where food or drink is served including restaurants, bars, coffee houses, clubs, and banquet halls
  2. Entertainment venues, theaters, concert venues, museums, and recreation facilities
  3. Gyms, fitness centers and yoga studios
  4. Senior adult care facilities and City Senior Center programs
  5. City Hall*
  6. Large indoor events (i.e., more than 500 people) at City-owned and privately-owned facilities

For people 18 years and older, the vaccination card must be cross-checked with the individual’s photo ID. Patrons entitled to a qualified medical exemption must provide verification of their exemption and proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test.

Patrons are allowed to briefly enter businesses covered by this ordinance without showing proof of vaccination to use the restroom, place an order, pick up or pay for food or drink “to-go,” or perform necessary repairs, provided they wear a well-fitting mask at all times while in inside.

Important Date: Beginning on January 15, 2022, businesses that are covered by the ordinance were required to prominently display an advisory notice informing patrons of the new requirement.

The City of Oakland has notified and is reminding every business in its business license tax database as well as chambers of commerce, merchants groups, and business associations of the new requirement, along with a link to a multi-lingual poster that businesses can use as an advisory notice. Additional details about the ordinance and how to comply are available at

Businesses are reminded that the Flex Street Initiative allows for business operations to expand outdoors, and since the Proof of Vaccination Ordinance applies only to indoor operations, this option allows for dining and shopping outdoors which do not require verification of vaccination status.

*In the case of City Hall entry only, a patron may show proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test (within 72 hours of entry) and a photo ID in lieu of showing proof of vaccination. This is to ensure that members of the public who may not be able to meet the vaccination requirement for entrance to City Hall may fully benefit from the public services provided. This requirement does not apply to members of the public attending a City Council meeting or other meeting subject to the Brown Act and Sunshine Ordinance.

Legislative Background:

The Emergency Ordinance was unanimously adopted by the Oakland City Council at a special meeting on December 27, 2021, which adds Chapter 8.68 to the Oakland Municipal Code. The ordinance states: “COVID-19 remains a significant challenge in the City, particularly given the highly contagious delta variant and the spreading omicron variant….Experts are predicting a steep rise in cases this winter. This proof of vaccination effort is designed to increase the vaccination rate in Oakland, decrease the likelihood of someone who has contracted COVID-19 from entering these establishments and importantly, reduce the spread of COVID-19 at these same establishments.”

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Posted: January 28th, 2022 12:00 AM

Last Updated: January 28th, 2022 11:35 AM

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Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.
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