Oakland City Council President Nikki Fortunato Bas Releases Amendments to the FY 23-25 Proposed Budget

Amendments Will Restore Funding for the Fire Department, Bolster Resources for Violence Prevention, Public Safety, Housing and Community and Economic Development

Oakland, CA - Council President Nikki Fortunato Bas was joined by members of the Oakland Council Budget Team today as she released her amendments to the Fiscal Year 2023-2025 Proposed Budget. At its June 14 meeting at 4pm, Council will begin consideration of amendments to the budget proposed by Mayor Sheng Thao on May 1.

“In the face of the worst deficit in Oakland’s history, we are standing together as One Oakland, focused on addressing the challenges we face. Thanks to revenue and expenditure adjustments, we are now able to build upon Mayor Thao’s thoughtful and creative budget proposal to provide more support for the vital services residents rely on, including fire services, public safety, violence prevention, housing and economic development,” said Council President fBas.

President Bas was joined by the Council Budget Team, consisting of Councilmembers Rebecca Kaplan (At-Large), Carroll Fife (District 3) and Kevin Jenkins (District 6) in announcing the amendments today. The amendments come after weeks of hearings and community meetings where members of the public weighed in on the Proposed FY 23-25 Budget.

The Amendments Include:

  • Strengthening Fire Safety by designating FEMA SAFER grant funds to reverse a proposed rolling Fire Station brown out, allowing the City to maintain fire service in all communities

  • Supporting Public Safety by adding funding for 24/7 crisis response, community ambassadors in business corridors, two civilian police investigators and dedicating resources to allow MACRO to fill vacant positions more quickly

  • Working to Reduce Violence by investing $2.1 million in violence prevention programs, including $600,000 focused on sex trafficking

  • Housing Homeless Residents by creating a Rapid Response Homeless Housing Acquisition Fund with $8.8 million to more rapidly create housing for unhoused residents

  • Supporting Our Economy by increasing Cultural Affairs grants by $300,000 each year, adding funding for the activation of Frank Ogawa Plaza, providing business support by continuing the Facade Improvement Program and staffing for multilingual business assistance

  • Promoting Clean and Healthy Neighborhoods by increasing funding for park maintenance and traffic safety improvements

A complete summary of the amendments can be viewed online here:

“I want to thank my colleagues, the Administration and City staff for their hard work in helping to craft these amendments,” said President Bas. “We will be able to take action to strengthen the safety of our communities, help vulnerable residents and promote a vibrant and diverse economy and city.”

“Over the last month, we have received a tremendous amount of feedback from Oakland residents and these amendments will allow us to better address community priorities,” said Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan. “By bolstering resources for violence prevention, homelessness, and economic and cultural development, we can support thriving and healthy communities.”

“Despite this tough budget year, I am excited and encouraged by Mayor Thao’s leadership and the progress we are seeing under her administration. We are standing together to close the gap while preserving critical services and investing in our future,” said Councilmember Carroll Fife. “These amendments will allow us to build on the solid foundation laid out in the Mayor’s proposal so we can do even more for Oakland.”

“Our residents are asking for safer, cleaner and healthier communities and we are going to deliver,” said Councilmember Kevin Jenkins. “While we still had to make hard choices, we were able to find the resources to do more so we can be stronger tomorrow.”

Council will begin consideration of these and other amendments at its June 14 meeting at 4pm. A subsequent budget meeting is scheduled on June 26, 4pm, and the final budget must be approved by June 30.

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Posted: June 12th, 2023 10:02 AM

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