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Action Against Hate is Needed

The Department of Race & Equity stands in solidarity with those impacted and centers focus on safety for those impacted by these atrocities. (photo credit: Lea Suzuki/ The SF Chronicle)

Stop Anti-Asian Violence

Action Against Hate is Needed

Three days ago, horrific acts of violence and sexism took place in Atlanta, Georgia against Asian women. Our hearts go out to the families and the entire community who are suffering immeasurable loss.

This violence, that harms Asian women, harms Black, Indigenous and Latino women too. It is the same violence. Atrocities like this serial murder are related to a long history of systemic racism and gender based violence in our country. The impact of the Atlanta shootings is amplified by the backdrop of 70% of the nearly 3,800, reported incidents against Asian Americans last year that were perpetrated against Asian women.

It is not acceptable to stay silent, it is not enough to condemn the racism, sexism, violence, and discrimination directed toward Asian and Pacific Islanders in Oakland and elsewhere. This moment calls us to stand in solidarity, to center the safety of those most directly impacted and take a visible and loud stand against White Supremacy that terrorizes Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) communities on an ongoing basis. Please review resources below.

Spread of Anti-Asian Racism and Xenophobia During COVID-19 Pandemic


Anti-Asian Racism & COVID-19 PowerPoint Presentation (referenced in Dr. Ho’s interview linked above)


A Different Asian American Timeline

A Different Asian American Timeline (aatimeline.com)

Bystander Intervention Training

Hollaback! Together We Have the Power to End Harassment (ihollaback.org)

We Need to Talk About Anti-Asian Hate


Why the Trope of Black-Asian Conflict in the Face of Anti-Asian Violence Dismisses Solidarity

Why the trope of Black-Asian conflict in the face of anti-Asian violence dismisses solidarity (brookings.edu)

Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Atlanta is calling on you, our allies in Georgia and across the country and world, to stand together to provide for and protect our Asian American communities.


Sign on to our collective community statement to stand in solidarity with us as we develop our community-centered response and denounce the misogyny, white supremacy, and systemic racism that motivate violence against Asian American communities and other communities of color.

A link to the full statement and individual and organizational sign-ons are here: http://bit.ly/GeorgiaAAPICommunityStatement

Donate to the victims of the violent acts and their families: https://bit.ly/DonateToGeorgiaAAPICommunity

All donations will go directly to support the victims and their families and to support crisis interventions.

Share the resources you can offer to the victims and their families, other impacted community members, and community organizations involved in crisis response: https://bit.ly/georgiaAAPIcommunitycare

The resources you might offer can include, but are not limited to: mental health services (counseling, healing), other medical services, immigration legal services, interpretation or translation in Asian languages, victim advocacy/case management, assistance with fundraising for victims and their families, childcare, and/or food assistance. Share this link widely so others can add their community offerings as well.

In Solidarity,

City of Oakland’s Department of Race & Equity

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Posted: March 19th, 2021 5:29 PM

Last Updated: April 4th, 2021 11:44 PM

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