Community Policing Advisory Board (CPAB)

The CPAB supports block, neighborhood and community empowerment, civic engagement and public safety by encouraging and supporting connection, collaboration and problem solving between neighbors and among residents throughout Oakland.


Across Oakland, there is a robust model of block organizations and Neighborhood Councils that exist as the infrastructure and platform for residents to connect, collaborate, identify issues, solve problems, uplift voices and build joy in our communities. The CPAB's mission is to support and encourage community engagement in this model and to empower residents at the block and neighborhood level. The 15 commissioners of the CPAB, each of whom is an Oakland resident and serves in a volunteer capacity, strive to support our neighbor-leaders in their efforts to organize, collaborate and impact their blocks and neighborhoods with the goal of building a safer, more cohesive and democratically-empowered Oakland.

The CPAB aims to:

  1. Support the building of relationships between and among blocks and neighborhoods by creating spaces and opportunities for neighbors and Neighborhood Councils across the City to connect
  2. Support the building of relationships between and engagement of ALL members of the community, including but not limited to law enforcement, schools, unhoused residents, faith centers and businesses
  3. Advocate for the individual and collective needs of our blocks and neighborhood
  4. Support the empowerment of residents, block leaders and Neighborhood Council leaders through training or events
  5. Serve as a neutral arbiter for blocks and neighborhoods in the resolution of disputes or issues
  6. Oversee the governance, including certification, of Neighborhood Councils and monitor compliance in alignment with the goals and objectives of Resolution 79235, the Neighborhood Services Section and the CPAB

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The Board meets the first Wednesday of each month at 6pm. Oakland City Hall, Hearing Room 2, Oakland, CA 94612