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The City of Oakland has over forty Boards and Commissions that play a vital role in City government. Boards and Commissions serve as a mechanism for the community members of Oakland to bring issues of concern to the attention of the general public and the City Council.
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Oakland Youth Commission

The Oakland Youth Commission (OYC) empowers youth to enter the public arena and tackle important issues related to youth. Formed in 1985, OYC develops young leaders in Oakland to engage with city affairs and advise City Council and the Mayor on youth priorities. We currently have 17 youth commissioners between the ages of 13-21 representing all 7 districts in Oakland.

Paramount Theater of the Arts Board

The Paramount Theatre of the Arts is a non-profit corporation organized for the purpose of operating and maintaining the Paramount Theatre for the benefit of the City of Oakland.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission (PRAC)

This Commission is responsible for advising the Mayor, Council, City Administrator, and the Oakland Parks, Recreation and Youth Development Department on all matters relating to the general policy and operation of the parks and recreation system.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission promotes the orderly growth and development of the City through studies, decisions on development proposals, policy recommendations to the City Council, and related activities. After February 28, 2023, Oakland Planning Commission meetings will be held in person only (see News item below for details). Click "View All Meetings, Minutes & Agendas" below for the full meeting schedule.

Police Commission

The purpose of the Oakland Police Commission is to oversee the Oakland Police Department to ensure its policies, practices, and customs conform to national standards of constitutional policing, and to oversee the Office of the Inspector General, led by the civilian Office of Inspector General for the Department, as well as the Community Police Review Agency (CPRA), led by the Executive Director of the Agency, which investigates police misconduct and recommends discipline. The Police Commission is comprised of seven regular and two alternate members, enabled by Oakland City Code section 604. All commissioners are Oakland residents and serve in a volunteer capacity.

Privacy Advisory Commission

The Privacy Advisory Commission provides advice to the City of Oakland on best practices to protect Oaklanders' privacy rights in connection with the City's purchase and use of surveillance equipment and other technology that collects or stores our data.

Public Art Advisory Committee

The Public Art Advisory Committee works with staff to develop program policies and procedures and approves sites, budgets, selection methods, and proposals for public art in Oakland.

Public Ethics Commission

The Public Ethics Commission is an independent commission made up of Oakland residents and charged with ensuring fairness, openness, honesty and integrity in Oakland City government. Our objective is to make sure Oakland public officials and government decision-making processes operate in a fair and unbiased manner, to promote transparency in Oakland government, and to promote public trust in our local political system. The Commission's duties include ensuring compliance with the City of Oakland's government ethics, campaign finance, transparency, and lobbyist registration laws.

Public Safety and Services Violence Prevention Oversight Commission (SSOC)

The Public Safety and Services Oversight Commission oversees the proper administration of the revenue collection and spending, and the implementation of the programs funded through Measure Z: The 2014 Oakland Public Safety and Services Violence Prevention Act revenue. Members are appointed by the Mayor and City Councilmembers.

Redistricting Commission

The Oakland Redistricting Commission is tasked with setting new district boundaries for the City Council and School Board by December 31, 2021. This deadline however was not met. The Commission has continued their work by holding special meetings to adopt a map with new district boundaries through the month of February. Draft Map F4 was modified to create Draft Map F5 during a Special Redistricting Commission Meeting held on January 26, 2022. The Commission approved the selection of Draft Map F5 for final adoption. Draft Map F5 is subject to a super majority of nine votes by the Commission to be considered the final adopted map. The 14-day review and comment period for draft Map F5 ended on February 15, 2022. A Commission meeting was held on February 23. 2022 to vote on final adoption of Draft Map F5. The Redistricting Commission voted to approve Resolution No 22-004 to adopt Draft Map F5 which describes the new district boundaries for the City Council and School Board. The Final Plan (F5) including separately zoomed district boundaries can be viewed below.

Sugar Sweetened Beverage Community Advisory Board

The Sugar Sweetened Beverage (SSB) Community Advisory Board advises the City Council and makes recommendations on how and to what extent the Council should establish and/or fund programs to prevent or reduce the health consequences of the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in Oakland communities.

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