Mickey Hall

Michelle "Mickey" Hall spent her early childhood in Queens, New York before the family left for Cape Cod. She began working in the Food & Beverage and then into Entertainment. She began temping and learned the company's software and office operations that she landed with top companies or organizations, DuPont, Forbes Magazine and The YWCA.

After the children were born, Mickey moved the family from Boston and settled in Oakland. Since then she has expanded her passion for being a voice for the LGBT community, and breast cancer, which she is a warrior of.
She has been the main stage manager for Oakland Pride, a block captain for SF Pride, a 10-year volunteer for the Multi-Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame and she seats on the board of Friends of Faith. She loves her sports Basketball, Football, especially her sister sports and living on Lake Merritt. Her children, twins, are completing their second year of college.