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The City offers generous benefits and the opportunity to build a better city for Oaklanders.


You can find a summary of benefits here. Read our Benefits Matrix for more details about all employee benefits.

Medical Coverage

The City participates in CalPERS (California Public Employees Retirement Systems) Health Benefit Services. CalPERS provides employees and their eligible dependents the choice of several medical plans. For more information on medical plans, visit the CalPERS website. The City pays the full monthly premium cost for certain designated plans. In other plans, the employee pays premiums with after-tax dollars.

Health and Wellness Enrollment

New full-time or permanent part-time employees are eligible on the date of hire to enroll themselves and all eligible dependents into City benefit plans. Learn more about specific Benefit Plans at: Personal Choices.


  • Coverage is not automatic; an employee must submit enrollment forms to the City of Oakland Benefits Unit.
  • Coverage begins on the first of the month following the receipt of documents.
  • If an employee does not enroll coverage within 60 days, the request will be subject to a 90 day waiting period per CalPERS guidelines.
  • Employees can change their health plans during the annual open enrollment each fall. However, any changes made during that period do not become effective until January of the following year.

Medical Waivers

Upon proof of other medical coverage, employees may choose to waive or cancel medical benefits for themselves and eligible dependents and receive cash in lieu.


An employee's dependents may be eligible for coverage under the City's health plans.

Eligible dependents include a spouse; a registered domestic partner; dependent children under age 26 for medical benefits; and dependent children under age 19 OR verified students age 19 - 25 for dental and vision benefits.

To add an eligible dependent, please provide appropriate documents such as marriage certificate, certificate of domestic partnership, birth certificate, legal adoption or guardianship papers, affidavit for financially dependent children, and, if applicable, proof of full-time enrollment in school.

Dental Plans

The City offers two dental plans for non-sworn full-time employees, permanent part-time employees and their eligible dependents.

  1. The HMO dental plan allows for flat-rate service with no deductibles when visiting an authorized dentist. This plan is administered by DeltaCare.
  2. The PPO plan gives members flexibility and coverages a percentage of costs. This plan is administered by Delta Dental.

Sworn police and fire personnel: dental coverage is provided through your respective unions.

Vision Care

The City offers vision coverage for non-sworn full-time employees, permanent part-time employees and their eligible dependents. Coverage is offered through Vision Service Plan.

The City does not offer the vision coverage benefit to sworn police and fire personnel.

Continuing Your Benefits

Under COBRA, an employee and enrolled dependents may pay to continue medical, dental or vision coverage for a limited period of time if city-paid coverage ceases for reasons recognized under COBRA regulations.

The cost for COBRA coverage equals the monthly cost of coverage plus a 2% administrative fee.


Full-time and permanent part-time employees of the City of Oakland are required to participate in the Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS).

General retirement benefit information are available for:

NonSworn (Miscellaneous) Employees Sworn Police Employees Sworn Fire Employees

What happens to my PERS benefits if I leave the City?

Portions of your retirement benefits are portable: upon separation from City service, funds may be rolled over into a qualified Individual Retirement Account (IRA). If you leave the City to work for another jurisdiction that also participates in CalPERS, your retirement benefit will continue.

Have questions? Current and former City employees interested in learning more about their retirement benefits may contact CalPERS directly at (888)225-7377 or visit the CalPERS website at Alternatively, current and former employees may contact the City of Oakland's Retirement Office at (510)238-6479, weekdays from 8:30am - 5:00pm.

Deferred Compensation

The Deferred Compensation Plan, a 457(b) voluntary retirement plan, reduces the employee’s current taxable income while providing the opportunity to accumulate retirement savings.

An employee can contribute a minimum of $10 per pay period up to the maximum allowed by Federal regulations for the calendar year. Several investment options are available.

Life Insurance

The life insurance plan provides another important source of financial security for non-sworn full-time and permanent part-time employees.

Benefit amount: In the event of an employee's death, the beneficiary will receive an amount equal to the employee's current annual salary rounded up to the nearest $1,000. (For example, if the annual salary is $35,500, the life insurance benefit would be $36,000).

If the death is the result of an accident, the designated beneficiary may receive an additional benefit equal to the life insurance amount.

The City pays the full premium cost for coverage. There is no employee contribution and this benefit is not extended to dependents.


Employees who are covered by bargaining unit SEIU Local 1021 and who experience a non-work-related illness or injury are eligible to apply for State Disability Insurance. This insurance is provided through the State of California's Employment Development Department.

Employees who do not qualify for SDI are eligible for short-term disability and long term disability benefits. Benefits begin after a seven-day elimination period and are determined by several eligibility factors.

Flexible Spending Accounts

The City of Oakland offers three flexible spending programs, allowing you to pay for qualifying expenses with pre-tax dollars. This provides you immediate tax relief.

The programs are subject to IRS regulations. Please visit the third party administrator website for specific information about the plans at

Medical Care Assistance Program (MCAP) allows an employee to pay for medical, dental and vision care expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Annual maximum allowance: $2,650

How it works:

  1. Estimate your annual out-of-pocket medical costs.
  2. The City will withhold contributions through bi-weekly payroll deductions.

The Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP) allows an employee to pay for dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. The care must be for a qualifying dependent so that you, or both you and your spouse together, can work.

Annual maximum allowance: $5,000 per household, depending tax-filing status.

How it works:

  1. Estimate your annual dependent-care costs.
  2. The City will withhold contributions through bi-weekly payroll deductions.
  3. When you incur eligible expenses, submit a claim to the third party administrator for reimbursement.

Commuter Benefit Program allows you to pay for your work related parking and mass transit expenses using pre-tax dollars. The program encourages ridership on buses, trains and ferries while lowering taxable earnings.

  1. Register on the third party administrator's website.
  2. Place an order for your monthly transit and parking needs (an administrative fee may be assessed based on MOU).
  3. You can purchase transit agency passes or tickets. You can also receive a Navia Benefits Card to purchase services at any transit or parking facility that accepts MasterCard.
  4. For more information, visit the Navia Benefits Solutions, our third party administrator, website at