Volunteering at Lake Merritt


Measure DD projects are constructed with grants and general obligation bond funds, but by law these funds cannot be used for ongoing maintenance and operation costs. Existing City of Oakland Public Works staff have been reduced, so volunteer groups have stepped forward to help maintain the wonderful improvements from Measure DD:

Lake Merritt Weed Warriors

Following a model used successfully at the Morcom Rose Garden, an ad hoc group of citizens have organized themselves to be trained by Public Works staff to perform assigned tasks such as mulching, weeding, deadheading flowers and general cleanup. People who wish to work on their own schedule can adopt a specific planter bed.

Those who wish to join a monthly work party, typically held on the last Saturday of every month, can sign up to receive email invitations. If you are interested in joining this effort, please subscribe to Weed Warriors Workday Email Announcements.

See the Weed Warriors page at Lakemerritt.org for workday schedule details and photos.

Learn more at the Lake Merritt Weed Warriors web page and the Lake Merritt Weed Warriors Facebook page where you can see photos and view the workday schedule.

The Clean Lake Initiative

The City of Oakland’s Clean Lake Initiative focuses on cleanup, maintenance, monitoring, education and volunteer coordination at Lake Merritt. The City contracts with the Lake Merritt Institute to carry out these goals. Volunteer sessions are regularly held on Tuesday and Saturday mornings or you can get the combination to the "You Clean It" supply boxes and work on your own schedule. Contact James Robinson at lmi@netwiz.net (510) 238-2290.

Adopt a Spot Program

The City of Oakland has established the Adopt a Spot Program to coordinate volunteer maintenance efforts by citizens, community groups, and businesses. Adoptions can include parks, creeks, median strips, blocks, storm drains, streets and curbs. More information and contacts at (510) 238-7630 or www.facebook.com/AdoptaSpot.

Other Related Volunteer Organizations

Other volunteer groups that support maintenance of parks adjacent to Lake Merritt include the Oakland Parks and Recreation Foundation, Friends of Cleveland Cascade, Lake Merritt Advocates (itself a collection of many groups), and The Gardens at Lake Merritt.