Telegraph Avenue Corridor Improvements

OakDOT is making improvements to the Telegraph Avenue corridor from 20th Street to 52nd Street!


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Telegraph Avenue is getting traffic safety improvements! The City of Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT) has three upcoming projects on Telegraph Avenue:

1) 20th Street to 29th Street: OakDOT will be making interim improvements to make the current complete street project more intuitive and address lessons learned (view flyer here). This includes improving the buffer between parked cars and the bike lane with bollards, addressing curbside needs for businesses, and making the pedestrian safety areas and bike lanes more visible. These improvements will be implemented later in 2019 *UPDATED* SUMMER 2020. OakDOT is simultaneously designing permanent concrete improvements to be installed in 2021, including concrete bus boarding islands and concrete islands in place of the beige painted pedestrian safety zones. To learn more about the history and City Council approval of this project, visit:

2) 29th Street to 42nd Street: OakDOT has funding to install bike lanes and pedestrian safety improvements, and is currently in the process of selecting the necessary design option for the Connecting portion of Telegraph. The two options are that of a buffered bikeway or a separated bikeway and will be chosen based on the feedback DOT received from merchants, users, residents, and baseline data. For more information, visit:

3) 42nd Street to 52nd Street: OakDOT will be repaving this Temescal portion of Telegraph in 2019 *UPDATED* 2020. Along with repaving, OakDOT will make the much needed safety improvements such as installing a bike lane, increasing visibility for pedestrians at crosswalks, and installing a road diet. This portion of the project will use paint, striping, and bollards to create a more vibrant and safe streetscape. For more information, visit:


Telegraph Avenue is a main thoroughfare for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit goers, and drivers alike. Serving as a primary connection between Downtown Oakland, North Oakland neighborhoods, and South Berkeley, Telegraph is the most direct path of travel via transit, walking, and biking through these neighborhoods. Additionally, it provides regional connections by way of the 24 and 580, as well as the 19th Street and MacArthur BART stations.

Space on this segment of the street, however, is limited. Connecting Telegraph will weigh tradeoffs and design a street that best serves all Oaklanders and visitors.

To guide our decision-making process, OakDOT will select the final project design based on the following factors:

  • Safety
  • Equity
    • Ensure accessibility, affordability, health & safety, and process for disadvantaged communities in Oakland
  • Community Input
    • During this planning process, our team will ask the community to share their experience on Telegraph, how they use the corridor, and what improvements they value the most.
    • We will collect input through the following methods: flyers promoting a user survey, online promotion of the user survey, merchant surveys to all affected merchants, hosting a community workshop, and mailers to residents along the corridor
  • Vibrancy
    • Creating opportunities for beautification and increasing foot traffic

Next Steps

As the phased projects move forward in stride with their respective timelines, OakDOT will be collecting "Before and After" studies to qualitatively and quantitatively measure the outcomes of each of the streetscape improvements throughout the corridor.

To stay up to date with the projects happening along the Telegraph Avenue corridor, please follow the project links on this website as well as OakDOT's Twitter and Instagram accounts.