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Human trafficking, or buying and selling human beings, is illegal. Sex trafficking (buying and selling people for sex) is illegal, too. And yet thousands of people are forced into prostitution every year. Men, women, and children from all walks of life can become victims.

Help & Resources

Report Suspected Prostitution and Sex Trafficking

  • You can make an anonymous report online - it's quick and easy!
  • You can phone in an anonymous tip at 510-238-2373.
  • If you have specific information about the individuals shown above or the crimes for which they’ve been arrested, please call 510-777-3333 to make a police report. Or if you prefer, use the anonymous tip line at 510-238-2373.

Victim Services and Information

  • To obtain services for a victim, please call BAWAR (Bay Area Women Against Rape) at 510-430-1298.