Report of Residential Record (3R Report)

A Residential Building Record (3-R Report) is a formal document that provides the permit history for a property.

A Residential Building Record (3-R Report) provides the permit history for a property. Click below to submit an application. Standard cost is $307.53 for 2-month turnaround. A 3-R Report can only be provided to the owner of the property or someone with authorization from the owner. Proof of ownership (either Grant Deed or Deed of Trust) MUST be provided for all 3-R Report requests.

Once the application is received and reviewed, staff will contact you to verify the information and provide your record number. Once you have your record number you may call the cashier to make payment. Please expect a 15-business-day turnaround for staff to review your application.

Please Note: Click "Apply for Report of Residential Record (3-R Report)" to submit the application for a 3-R report. The Property Owner Authorization is ALSO needed when the 3-R Report requester is not the property owner and must include a notarized statement of authorization from the current property owner.


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