Real Estate Asset Management

The Real Estate Asset Management Division provides excellent, cost-effective and professional real estate services to all City departments, the Oakland Redevelopment Successor Agency, City Administrator, the Mayor and City Council.


Asset Management

The Real Estate Asset Management Division provides city-wide real estate asset management services:

  • Negotiates all City- and Redevelopment Successor Agency-owned real estate assets with private entities, including but office, retail , land, and parking structures
  • Administers leases and licenses, and manages property for Agency- and City-owned real estate
  • Develops, executes, administers and manages all license and lease agreements when the City or the Redevelopment Successor Agency is the tenant or occupant
  • Negotiates and executes all short-term agreements, including Rights of Entry, Temporary Construction Easements, and licenses for all City and Agency properties
  • Appraises and analyzes the value of real estate assets for acquisition, disposition and leasing
  • Handles short-term permitting for use of City-owned property
  • Manages the facility of the former Oakland Army Base property

Long Range Property Management Plan

Please see below for documents pertaining to the Oakland Redevelopment Successor Agency Long Range Property Management Plan (LRPMP).

Real Estate Resources

Real Estate Asset Management Staff

Anthony Reese, Real Estate Agent

Jinnhua Su, Real Estate Agent


Thang Nguyen, Real Estate Agent