Parking for Film Shoots

Many film shoots require reserved parking. Learn about that process here.

If your film shoot involves multiple vehicles for cast, crew, and equipment, you may want to consider reserving parking spaces adjacent to your shoot. If parking is needed, a parking map listing the parking spots you are looking to reserve needs to be submitted as part of your film permit process.

How to Create & Submit a “No Parking” Posting Map
The following guidelines are for those seeking to reserve parking in the City of Oakland for the
purposes of a film-related production. Please observe these guidelines carefully.

1. Contact us (Oakland Film Office) about your parking plans. Contact information is listed

2. Create a clear, clean parking map (diagram) that identifies the street, cross street, and
nearest street address number requested to be a no parking area for your shoot. In areas
where there are parking meters, identify each meter by the serial number located on their
posts. Be sure to indicate all meters that will be out of service during your production. On
your diagram, be sure to include the name of the production plus the posting date(s) and
time(s), street address, and production contact telephone number. [Sample parking maps are
included in this document, including a template to assist in your map creation.] Create your
map in black and white for clear scanning and copying.

3. E-mail your parking map to the Oakland Film Office. Once the Film Office stamps
the map approved, bring it to the Engineering Counter within Permits & Zoning, located on
the fourth floor of the Dalziel Building (250 Frank Ogawa Plaza; across the plaza from the
City Hall). There is a fee of approximately $20.00 per parking meter, per day out of service.
In areas without parking meters, a fee of approximately $5.00 per 25 linear feet is charged.
See download able parking rate sheet on production planner page for rates. Payments can be
made with cash, check, or credit card. You may also hire a posting service to purchase
and post the signs for you. The Film Office has recommended vendors.
The Permit & Zoning Department hours are: M-Tu-Th-Fr 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.;
Wednesday 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; closed Saturday and Sunday.

4. A "NO PARKING" sign will be issued for each meter and/or 25-feet. Signs must be posted
on the parking meters at least 48 hours before the first day out of service (this includes
yellow, green, and white zones). In areas where there are no meters (residential streets), signs
must be posted at least 72 hours in advance. (NOTE: Since it is technically not legal to park
on public streets for over 72 hours, this extended time for advance posting notifies people of
your posting when they move their cars.) You are not allowed to block Red or Blue zones or
bus stops.

5. Be sure to remove all signs, tape, and string from meters after filming. If hired, the
posting service will manage this.

Neighborhood Notification: You may be required to distribute other forms of notification to the
surrounding neighborhood. Please provide us with a copy beforehand. Please include the location
manager contact information, as well as the Oakland Film Office phone number in order to assist
with concerns in the community. Neighborhoods in a filming area may be significantly impacted
by your presence; neighborhood notification is often required.
See the Production Planner or the Neighborhood Notification page for more details.