OPD Wellness

Services Offered The Wellness Unit offers 24/7 assistance to OPD officers, civilian and retired employees, and their families on building resiliency, emotional well-being, alcohol, and substance use intervention, mental health services, peer support, and more. Our resources are for both personal and job-related stress.

Peer Support Program

The mission of the Peer Support Program is to ensure all OPD members have adequate and readily available resources to deal with personal and professional issues as they arise. The Department’s Peer Support Team members serve as a caring conduit to support our most valuable resource, the membership of the Department.

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Program

The Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program provides culturally competent services to address addiction. The Wellness Unit has established relationships with first responder treatment programs to provide the best care for our officers.

Police Chaplain Program

Chaplains do not represent a particular denomination but care for the spiritual and emotional needs of all sworn and civilian personnel. The faith of the employee supersedes the faith of the attending chaplain.


Claremont is OPD psychological services provider that offers free, confidential counseling services to all Oakland Police sworn, civilian, and retired employees and their families.

Cordico Wellness App

OPD is one of many public safety agencies offering the first responder wellness mobile app, Cordico, to all its employees and their families. Cordico provides a one-stop shop for all wellness information, articles, and programs. Police personnel and their families can also contact peer support officers, chaplains, the Wellness Unit team, access resources, and therapist finders through smartphones