Oaktown Roots Affordable Homes

Oaktown Roots: is now accepting applications. This affordable housing project consists of 24 new construction single family homes in various sites throughout Oakland. The homes are 3- and 4-bedrooms with 2 baths, off-street parking, and are priced Below Market Rate (BMR) for affordability to “moderate income” households up to 120% Area Median Income (AMI).

Size of

Annual Income



3 People


4 People


5 People


6 People


7 People


8 People


The Program Preferred Lenders are now accepting applications. Eligible buyers are encouraged to explore this opportunity with their real estate agent and to apply through the Program Preferred Lenders.

Eligible buyers are those who

1. have a household size of 3 persons or more

2. have saved funds to contribute 3% of sale price to down payment

3. have a household income at or below 120% Area Median Income (AMI)

4. have a mortgage loan pre-approval, or can get one

5. have completed an approved Homebuyer Education workshop, or are enrolled in one

Explore this affordable homeownership opportunity by contacting one of the PREFERRED LENDERS, or the City’s Homeownership Programs staff at 510-238-6158 or emailing homebuyers@oaklandca.gov

Each of the project’s developers have their own floorplans, home styles, and sales staff. View the sample flyers on this page to see home photos, their sales agent contact info, or work with your real estate agent to search for homes, many are listed on the MLS.