Oakland Public Works Training Academy

The Oakland Public Works (OPW) Training Academy is hiring now! The academy is 4 to 6 month long paid training opportunity for young adults living in Oakland who want to prepare for a career in public service with Oakland Public Works. Apply by August 31st!

Program Mission, Vision, and Objectives

The mission of the Oakland Public Works (OPW) Training Academy is to provide on-the-job training, employability, and job acquisition skills for Oaklanders between 18-30 years of age from communities that have been historically disenfranchised and economically marginalized. The academy provides two important benefits to our community: filling the vacancies within our department and providing well-rounded training and support to local youth and adults to successfully gain and maintain employment within our department.

OPW hiring priorities are young adults aged 18-30 that are low-income, are unemployed and/or out of school, are transitioning from foster care, were justice-involved, engaged with the mental health or substance abuse system, and/or may have difficulty finding employment.

The program is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Expose trainees to career opportunities within Oakland Public Works.
  • Provide a variety of social, safety, and life-skills trainings to prepare participants to be successful when working individually and as part of a team or crew.
  • Provide tailored job acquisition training (for example, resume writing and interviewing skills) to strengthen competitiveness when applying for full-time employment in Oakland Public Works and the City of Oakland at large.
  • Place trainees in a full-time, 4-6 month long position, for firsthand experience performing job duties/tasks, and to learn other skills necessary to apply for the corresponding entry-level position.
  • Reduce OPW vacancies with individuals from the local community to better serve those same communities.

Program Details

The first cohort will include 10 trainees, who will be paid $21.59 - $27.56 per hour, full-time, for 4-6 months. The program is structured as follows:

OPW Academy Timeline

  • Initial Training (1 week) – Will consist of safety, citywide code of conduct, inter-personal relations, socio-emotional intelligence, information sessions on OPW, and training specific to job role
  • Trainee Placement Period
  • Midway Trainings (2-3 days) – Will occur at the mid-point of the program and will consist of employability training, for example resume creation/modification, insight on how to apply for City of Oakland jobs, and mock interviewing
  • Final Trainings (2-3 days) – Continuation of employability trainings and program/ trainee assessment

Trainees will be selected to work with one of the three OPW Bureaus listed below. The placement will prepare the trainee to apply to an entry level position within that Bureau. Trainees' assignments will be based on their career interests, experience, and previous training.

  • Bureau of the Environment (BOE) The BOE oversees the maintenance of parks, trees, and city owned landscapes such as plazas, medians, open space, Right-of-Way spaces, illegal dumping, street sweeping, homeless encampments, and litter container services. They manage agreements for curbside solid waste and recycling services, environmental stewardship programs, and run volunteer community clean-up programs such as Adopt-A-Spot.
  • Bureau of Maintenance & Internal Services (BMIS) The BMIS is responsible for providing repair and maintenance services to the City's equipment and infrastructure, such as buildings, fences, and structures on City property. This also includes City-owned facilities, sewer and stormwater collection systems, custodial services, and City vehicles.
  • Bureau of Administration (BOA) The BOA provides behind-the-scenes operational support to the department by managing budgets, human resources, employee recruitment, safety and training programs, monthly reports, and technology systems.

The City will prioritize recruitment of Oakland residents in East Oakland, Fruitvale, and West Oakland residing in zip codes 94621, 94603, 94605, 94601, and 94607 with a focus on Black and Latinx youth and young adults to address critical disparities in employment access as identified by the City of Oakland’s Department of Race and Equity.

Program Partners and Funding

The OPW Training Academy was developed through grant funding from California Volunteers—Office of the Governor which supports youth workforce jobs. The City of Oakland was awarded $5.9 million for its Oakland Forward program which seeks to increase youth and young adult employment and develop pathways into careers in public service in the areas of climate resilience and public safety.

The Oakland Forward grant was secured by the Oakland Department of Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) and will support programs in three different City departments including the Department of Violence Prevention (DVP) and the Oakland Police Department (OPD), in addition to Oakland Public Works. Oakland City Council approved funding on July 5, 2022. Programs began operations in summer 2022. Oakland Forward will conclude by May 1, 2024.