City of Oakland General Plan Update - Phase 2

Oakland's 2045 General Plan Update process is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for all Oaklanders to work together to create a visionary blueprint for the future of our City.



Oakland General Plan Update Phase 2

Phase 2 will work with the Oakland community to advance the following goals:

- Build a transportation system where everyone has access to safe and reliable options to get them where they need to go

- Create more livable and walkable neighborhoods where folks have access to the things they want and need, like grocery stores, arts & entertainment, retail, libraries, and parks

- Develop parks and recreational spaces, focusing on the most underserved neighborhoods, so that everyone can access and enjoy natural spaces

- Protect neighborhoods adjacent to freeways, airports, and industrial activities from excessive noise

- Improve our city’s infrastructure, from roads, bridges, and sidewalks to facilities such as public restrooms and fire stations

- Identify and work to meet the needs of Oakland’s many different, yet interconnected communities

Artwork of differnt black women surroudned by plants and crystals on a table at queen hippie gypsy store in Oakland

Project Timeline

  • March 2024

    Phase 2 Kickoff

  • October 2023

    Phase 1 Planning Code Amendments Adopted by City Council

Phase 2 Project Team

The Phase 2 General Plan Update process is led by Joanna Winter and members of the Strategic Planning Division.

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