Alert: An Air Quality Advisory has been issued for the entire Bay Area. The current air quality in Oakland is VERY UNHEALTHY. Head Start and recreation centers will be closed Friday, November 16.


2012 Oakland Army Base Project

Summary of the 2012 OARB Initial Study/Addendum
Initial Study/Addendum (entire document)

Note: The IS/Addendum is also broken into four, smaller files for easier downloading: 1-Cover, TOC and Ch. 1 Introduction; 2-Ch. 2 Project Description; 3-Chapters 3.0 through 3.7; Chapters 3.8 through Chapter 4.0

Initial Study/Addendum Appendices:
Appendix A: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Model Outputs
Appendix B: Transportation and Traffic Outputs
Appendix C: Water Supply Assessment Correspondence
Appendix D: Tidelands Trust Exchange Agreement Materials
Appendix E: 2002 Draft Environmental Impact Report
Appendix F: 2002 Final Environmental Impact Report
Appendix G: Supplemental Environmental Impact Report for the OARB Automall Project
Appendix H: First Addendum to the Supplemental EIR for the OARB Automall Project
Appendix I: 2002 Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program
Appendix J: 2012 Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program Roadmap
Appendix K: Draft Technical Memo: Traffic Analysis for Detour – 7th Street Grade Separation
Appendix L: Feasibility Study for Adaptive Reuse of the Existing OARB Warehouses

Standard Conditions of Approval and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program Report (SCA/MMRP):

Air Quality Plans Per Mitigation Measure 4.4-4

Oakland Army Base Redevelopment Plan 2002

Adaptive Reuse Feasibility Studies:

Aggregate Recycling and Fill Project

Initial Study/Addendum