Excavation Requirements for all sites at the former Oakland Army Base

Excavation Requirements for the Oakland Army Base

2012 Oakland Army Base Project

Summary of the 2012 OARB Initial Study/Addendum
Initial Study/Addendum (entire document)

Note: The IS/Addendum is also broken into four, smaller files for easier downloading: 1-Cover, TOC and Ch. 1 Introduction; 2-Ch. 2 Project Description; 3-Chapters 3.0 through 3.7; Chapters 3.8 through Chapter 4.0

Initial Study/Addendum Appendices:
Appendix A: Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Model Outputs
Appendix B: Transportation and Traffic Outputs
Appendix C: Water Supply Assessment Correspondence
Appendix D: Tidelands Trust Exchange Agreement Materials
Appendix E: 2002 Draft Environmental Impact Report
Appendix F: 2002 Final Environmental Impact Report
Appendix G: Supplemental Environmental Impact Report for the OARB Automall Project
Appendix H: First Addendum to the Supplemental EIR for the OARB Automall Project
Appendix I: 2002 Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program
Appendix J: 2012 Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program Roadmap
Appendix K: Draft Technical Memo: Traffic Analysis for Detour – 7th Street Grade Separation
Appendix L: Feasibility Study for Adaptive Reuse of the Existing OARB Warehouses

Standard Conditions of Approval and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program Report (SCA/MMRP):

Air Quality Plans Per Mitigation Measure 4.4-4

Oakland Army Base Redevelopment Plan 2002

Adaptive Reuse Feasibility Studies:

Aggregate Recycling and Fill Project

Initial Study/Addendum