Oakland 2045 General Plan | Planning Code Amendments for Phase 1

These planning code amendments are intended to implement actions in the 2023-2031 Housing Element's Housing Action Plan, further fair housing, advance environmental justice, remove constraints to staff ability to process entitlements for housing development, and streamline the approval process.


Updated Oakland Planning Code (Title 17)

The updated Oakland Planning Code was adopted on October 3, 2023 to reflect the changes made during Phase 1 of the General Plan Update (Ordinance No.13763 C.M.S.) Additional non-substantive, clerical edits were made after October 3. Those edits are summarized here. The updated Planning Code is effective October 30. 2023.

Planning Code Amendments Public Hearing Drafts

The proposed Planning Code amendments encourage different housing types, incentivize affordable housing, reduce constraints on housing development, and protect areas and populations affected by pollution. General Plan Text and Map Amendments include conforming revisions to the Land Use and Transportation Element.

The proposed Planning Code Amendments and corresponding General Plan text amendments are available below.

The proposed Planning Code Amendments further equitable implementation of 18 actions identified in the Housing Element, one policy in the draft Safety Element and one action in the draft EJ Element. Included below is an analysis of how the proposed zoning code amendments further equity by addressing the REIA recommendations for each of the 20 actions and policies.

Phase 1 Adoption Hearings

  • 9/12/23, Community Economic Development Committee Meeting, 1:30pm
  • 9/19/13, City Council Meeting, 4pm

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