Oakland 2045 General Plan | Environmental Justice Element

Help develop Oakland's first Environmental Justice Element

Oakland's First Environmental Justice Element

Many of Oakland’s Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and low-income communities are disproportionately burdened by pollution and environmental stressors due to legacies of racialized zoning and policy-making.

In order to properly address this undue burden, the City is creating its first Environmental Justice (EJ) Element for the Oakland 2045 General Plan Update.

The Environmental Justice Element will serve as the keystone of the City’s environmental justice goals. This element will distinctly emphasize the importance of environmental justice in the General Plan.

In recognition of the connections between environmental justice topics and multiple elements of the General Plan, the City of Oakland will also integrate environmental justice into the policies, goals, and actions of all other elements.

Environmental Justice Community Hub

View of Lake Merrit, showing greenery, pedestrian path, and some tall buildings

We are seeking the public's input to fully understand the excessive pollution burden, health impacts, and needs of Oakland's BIPOC and low-income communities. Participate in community conversations about Environmental Justice (EJ) in your neighborhood using our interactive Environmental Justice Community Hub. Use this tool to explore Oakland's Map of Potential Environmental Justice Communities, share your vision for a healthy neighborhood, and document local environmental justice issues and solutions through this platform.

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