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2023 Media Mentions

2021 Media Mentions

Council Actions & Legislative Wins

“Love Life” week

Resolution declaring the week of October 18-24, 2021 as Love Life Week in the City of Oakland

Re-establishment and/or restructuring of the Education Partnership Committee

Discussion regarding re-establishment and/or restructuring of the Education Partnership Committee including, but not limited to, discussion regarding committee goals and function, member selection and appointment, and quorum requirements

Equitable, inclusive and transparent Alameda County redistricting process

Resolution adopted urging the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to allocate adequate resources to establish an independent redistricting commission and create policies to ensure an equitable, inclusive and transparent redistricting county process consistent with AB 849 and AB 1276 and the best practice guide of the Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus

Updating the Youth Commission Ordinance

Adopted amendments for ordinance nos. 10545 c.M.S., 11461 c.M.S., and 11869 c.M.S. to change the name of the Youth Advisory Commission to the Oakland Youth Commission and amend the membership and quorum requirements.

District 7 Budget Amendments

  • Traffic calming and sideshow deterrence support
  • Security cameras to help protect our business corridors
  • Increased investment in graffiti abatement and public art mural funds
  • Funding for a targeted traffic safety and violence prevention program
  • Workforce development and services

Renovations to Holly Mini Park

Many residents have reached out to my office requesting the development of Holly Mini Park, After some delays due to COVID-19, and the completion of the design and construction documents. The City of Oakland plans to have the park done by June 2022, with following proposed timeline:

  • August 2021: Renovation job advertised by the City of Oakland’s Department of Public Works

  • October 2021: Bids received from contractors

  • January 2022: Contractor selected by the Department of Public Works and approved by Oakland City Council

  • March 2022: Construction begins (park closed for use)

  • June 2022: Construction completed & park reopens

Council American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Allocations

  • GPF FY 2020-21 Estimated to Replenish Shortfall
  • Funding for Our Kids “OK” Program
  • Community Safety Ambassadors - East Oakland
  • COVID grant—East Oakland community based organization

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