Illegal Dumping: Environmental Enforcement Officers (EEOs)

Environmental Enforcement Officers (EEOs) are officers that monitor all of Oakland’s diverse communities to prevent and deter illegal dumping. Through educational outreach and enforcement actions, EEOs educate Oaklanders on the consequences of illegal dumping and hold unlawful dumpers accountable. They monitor illegal dumping “hot spots,” conduct forensic investigations, cite dumpers, coordinate abandon waste removal, and collect data to inform and improve their enforcement efforts.


People illegally dump garbage, bulky items, and hazardous waste because 1) they may not be unaware of the city resources available to them; or 2) they think it is the City’s job to pick up the trash residents leave curbside or in the public right of way. To educate dumpers and the overall community, EEOs engage the community by:

  • Maintaining relationships with Oakland Community Organizations (OCO), Waste Management – Alameda County (WMAC), Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) Action, City Attorney’s Office, Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, Code Enforcement, etc.
  • Actively distributing information throughout Oakland’s commercial and residential communities.
  • Attending community meetings and other events to promote proper waste disposal.
  • Establish their enforcement presence via daily patrols throughout Oakland.

EEOs enforce and keep illegal dumpers accountable by:

  • 24-Hours to Abate Notices/ 15-Day Notices for Insufficient Service/ Warning Notices for Improper Use of Litter Receptacles.
  • Issue citations to dumpers when adequate evidence is found.
  • Verifying adequate garbage services.
  • Monitoring litter container abuse.
  • Coordinating abandon vehicle tows.