Measure DD: Creek and Waterway Restoration

With Measure DD's focus on water quality, projects have included restoration of selected Oakland creeks and acquisition of critical watersheds. Locations are detailed below.


Two categories of projects were laid out for this work.

  • Creek Restoration Projects includes restoration of creek segments to improve water quality, hydrology, and wildlife habitat to prevent floods, improve public accessibility and increase community stewardship. $5,500,000 was set aside for this work.
  • The acquisition of Watershed Protection Easements, including acquisition of high-value, restorable habitat, watersheds of creek segments with presence of rainbow trout and other wildlife populations, and property of high aesthetic and water- quality protection values. $4,500,000 was set aside for this work.

In many cases, additional the Measure DD acted as seed money to attract grants. The original bond measure listed some possible creeks, a prioritized list was created in 2005.

Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects

  • Claremont Creek tributary restoration at Garber Park
  • Temescal Creek restoration near Rockridge Greenbelt
  • Creek native plantings of Shepherd Creek at Escher Drive
  • Shepherd Creek restoration at Shepherd Canyon Park
  • Watershed acquisition in Beaconsfield Canyon
  • Sausal Creek restoration at Dimond Park (2014)
  • Cinderella Creek restoration in Joaquin Miller Park
  • Watershed acquisitions in Butters Canyon
  • Peralta Creek restoration in Butters Canyon
  • Lion Creek Restoration at Lion Creek Crossings
  • Arroyo Viejo Creek restoration at Oakland Zoo
  • 62 Acre watershed acquisition in Near Dunsmuir House



  • Measure DD bonds: $5.5 million for restoration, $4.5 million for watershed acquisition.

Acquisition and restoration grants from:

  • California State Parks Habitat Conservation Fund Grant
  • Union Pacific Railroad mitigation funding
  • Oakland Army Base mitigation funding
  • Alameda County Flood Control & Vvater Conservation District
  • State of California River Parkways Grant
  • Department of Water Resources Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Grant
  • East Bay Regional Park District