Community Policing Ad Hoc Committee

In June 2021, the Oakland Police Commission formed a smaller committee to craft a new policy surrounding the Oakland Police Department's role in Community Policing. This project began in earnest in July 2021 in partnership with community leaders, activists, police officers, and city staff. This committee meets every two weeks on Saturdays in public Zoom meetings.

Ways to get involved

Police policies are designed to provide the rules, guidance and instruction for Oakland’s police officers to do their duties.

The Oakland Police Commission, along with Community Groups and the OPD are working towards crafting a policy that encourages and promotes rebuilding trust and relationships between Police and the communities they serve, elevating problem solving techniques and empowering Oakland neighborhood.

Weigh in and have your voice heard by joining us on a Saturday meeting and click the link to add your comments and edits to the draft policy.

Revising OPD's Community Policing Policy

The Oakland Police Commission formed the 15-01 Ad Hoc to craft a new Community Policing Policy for the Oakland Police Department. This new policy will be drafted with the following objectives in mind:

  • Suggest clear guidance for OPD, community groups, and members of the public to engage and develop trust and relationships;
  • Directing OPD to support community engagement and neighborhood empowerment objectives laid out by the Oakland Neighborhood Services Division (Neighborhood Service Coordinators);
  • Directing OPD to support non-law enforcement solutions to community-identified neighborhood issues;
  • Directing OPD to reasonably prioritize non-law enforcement solutions to community-identified neighborhood issues;
  • Incentivizing OPD and beat officer participation in NCPCs;
  • Even when OPD is engaged to solve community-identified neighborhood issues, OPD should ensure the participation of community and City stakeholders to ensure accountability and procedural justice.

Police Commission

Community Members & Groups
  • Mariano Contreras, Latino Task Force, Coalition for Police Accountability
  • Creighton Davis, Community Policing Advisory Board (CPAB)
  • Candice Elder, East Oakland Collective
  • Mike Nisperos, Commissioner (former), Oakland Police Commission
  • Wilson Riles, Jr. Oakland City Council (former)
  • Cathy Leonard, Coalition for Police Accountability
  • Pastor Jacqueline Thompson, Allen Temple
  • Reginald Lyles
  • Pastor Anthony Jenkins
  • Joe DeVries

Oakland Police Department

  • Lt. William Febel