Active Planning and Zoning Applications

In addition to applications listed on Planning Commission agendas, the City has also received a wide range of project applications that require public noticing for review and action. Please follow the links below for yearly archives of applications that were filed during each time period.


NOTE: Due to issues with the Accela permitting system and Oakland Citizen Access, some plans and project documents may not currently be available. Please contact the case planner directly for access to the plans and other public documents.

Due to the Shelter-in-Place (SIP) order from Alameda County from September 2019 through May 2021, weekly Applications on File reports were not posted in this archive, but in some cases may be found as records submitted to our Online Permit Center.

Please help us achieve wider notification by alerting your friends and neighbors if you believe they would be interested in any of these projects. Please note that the descriptions of the applications posted are preliminary in nature and that the projects and/or such descriptions may change prior to a decision being made around their approval, modification, or denial.