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The Access Improvement Program (AIP) for Rental Property Owners provides grants for accessibility modifications to owner-occupied properties. You can download the application materials or call to request application materials.

Maximum Amount: Grant of $15,000 or $24,000 with lift

Maximum Amount: Existing construction: $15,000 per unit, or $24,000 per unit w/lift. $24,000 max per property.

Minimum Amount: N/A

New construction: $4,000 per unit or $16,000 max per property


Eligible Applicants: Property owners in Oakland

Location: Property must be located in one of the seven Community Development Districts. See district maps in the CDBG section of this website.

Eligible Properties: No size or type restrictions.

Income: Tenant’s annual family income cannot exceed 80% of the area median income*. Income of all family members who are 18 years or older must be considered.

Occupancy: Property owner must agree to rent unit(s) made accessible to disabled person(s) for a minimum of five years.

Eligible Uses: Grant funds may only be used for accessibility modifications to accommodate wheelchairs, to install a lift or ramp, and to undertake other related access repairs.

Other Requirements: The property must be in compliance with health and safety codes.

Grant Details

Interest Rate: N/A

Payments/ Term: N/A

Prepayment Penalty: N/A

Security: N/A

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