Numo Jaeger

Recreation Specialist II, PT

Oakland Parks, Recreation and Youth Development

Numo Jaeger has a BFA in ceramics from California College of Arts (and Crafts), a teaching credential from California State University, East Bay and a master's degree from The Ohio State University. She has been teaching ceramics to adults, children and teens in the Bay Area since1982. She was the coordinator of the ceramics department at Studio One from 1982-2005 before getting a job teaching high school art in Marin. She also started the art department at Beacon School in Oakland, a K-8 private elementary school. Numo is a Jill of many trades, having experience in hand building, sculpture, Raku, pit firing, salt firing, kiln firing and kiln building. Her personal work has been varied and has run the gamut from Raku, pit fire works to figurative sculptural pieces, abstract works to functional pottery. She believes that working with clay and doing art can be a way to quiet your mind, center yourself and connect to something larger than yourself. In her classes she stresses having fun and playing because she feels it is the best way to learn. She believes in creating a supportive caring classroom environment and also is of the opinion that art can create a positive community. At this time Numo is working in porcelain and white stoneware focusing on functional carved ceramics. She has been working on a series of pieces that emphasizes and maintains the pure original form with deep bas-relief carving. Some of the pieces she creates tell stories of classic Grimm's Brothers fairy tales and others could be said to reference the environment. Currently she teaches ceramics as Studio One Art Center in Oakland, Saint Mary's College High School in Berkeley and at the Potter's Studio. She maintains her own home studio and is also a member of the Potter's Studio. Her work is in collections around the Bay Area. In her spare time she plays banjo and corrals her herd of land piranhas, four Chihuahuas, who are otherwise known as The Four Amigos.