Portrait of Brandon Harami

Brandon Harami

Brandon Harami is a native Californian who grew up just south of the Bay Area. Raised by his Gay dads and single mother, Brandon first began getting active in politics at a young age, walking in his first Pride parade while still in elementary school. He learned leadership and community organizing as an officer in both his local 4-H club and his High School’s GSA. Brandon previously served as Communications Director and later Policy Director for the District 4 Council Office.

As Director of Community Resilience, Harami handles everything from wildfire and climate prevention work to long-term and complex problems impacting every day Oaklanders. His focus is building stronger, healthier, and more resilient communities through a lens of equity and justice.

Title: Director of Community Resilience

Department: Mayor

Email Address: bharami@oaklandca.gov

Phone Number: 510-238-7914