Services for Businesses Reducing Staffing Levels & Employees facing Layoffs

Oakland businesses that are expecting to lay off employees have access to coordinated services to help support affected employees through our Rapid Response team.

Engaging our Rapid Response team to meet with affected workers before the layoff will allow your employees access to services and programs to help them through this difficult time. If you’re reducing your workforce, please consider the state’s Work Sharing Program that helps employers minimize or eliminate the need for layoffs, retain trained employees and quickly ramp up when business conditions improve.

When an Oakland company is closing or reducing staff levels, the City of Oakland and its service partners can provide immediate, coordinated, on-site help.

Services for Workers

  • Career counseling and job search assistance
  • Resume preparation and interviewing skills workshops
  • Information on the local labor market
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Information about education and training opportunities
  • Information on health benefits and pensions
  • Skills upgrading
  • Job training

Services for Employers

  • Access incumbent worker training programs and skilled job seekers
  • Information on employment incentives
  • Information on State and Federal employment rights & Regulations

Rapid Response is carried out by the Oakland Workforce Development Board and Employment Development Department (EDD) staff in partnership with Oakland’s American Job Center (AJCC).

To access these Rapid Response services, contact Mike Wetzel at or 510-238-3242.