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We offer group boating activities and tours.

Private Group Boating Activities and Tours

You can schedule a group boating trip for an introduction to pedalboating, canoeing, kayaking, dragonboating, or whaleboat rowing on Lake Merritt. We also offer tours on our 26 foot pontoon boats. Our instructors will teach your group about water safety, lifejacket fittings, and basic techniques! Boat rental and instructor fees vary depending on group type. Call to schedule. Allow 2-3 weeks to schedule your preferred date.

ResidentNon-ResidentTotal People
Group Boating Session
(pedal boat, canoe, kayak)
$60-$90/90 minute session plus boat rentals$72-$108/90 minute session plus boat rentalsup to 30 per instructor

$30 + $40-$90/90 minute session for the instructor

$36 + $72-$108/90 minute session for the instructor

20-24/ boat
Whaleboat$30 + $40-$90/90 minute session for the instructor$36 + $72-$108/90 minute session for the instructor10-11
Pontoon Tour$100/hour$120/hour17-19

Special Needs

OPR and the Lake Merritt Boating Center are fully committed to compliance with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Direct inquiries concerning accommodations at least 10 days prior to the OPR Inclusive Recreation Coordinator, Erin Burton, at 510-597-5064 or