Petition Form




Formulario de Solicitud de Permiso


1. Print the petition form above and satisfy the following requirements:

  • a description or map showing the proposed residential area
  • a signature, printed name, and address of at least 51% of addresses per block (blocks as defined by the Alameda County Assessor's Map)
  • If creating a new RPP Area, the proposed area must contain at least 6 contiguous blocks

2. Submit the petition to:

Oakland Department of Transportation
Parking & Mobility Division
250 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Suite 4344
Oakland, CA 94612-2033

3. OakDOT will review the petition and determine whether adequate parking restraints exist in the proposed zone

  • at least 75% of parking spaces in the proposed area must be filled during OakDOT analysis to be approved
  • OakDOT reviews only twice a year in the Spring and Fall

4. If petition is approved by OakDOT, the petition will be presented at a community meeting and a City Council hearing

  • Notice of the community meeting will be posted at least 10 days prior on all block fronts proposed and mailed to each address within the petitioned RPP area
  • A new annual permit costs $82

5. If approved by Council, permits will be ordered and residents will be given 1 month to purchase permits when available

Refer to Chapter 10.44 in the Oakland Municipal Code to learn more.