Respond to a Loss of Service Complaint

Aim to respond to requests for repairs in a timely manner. Resolve the issue by making a good, solid repair.

Property Owner Response to Rent Adjustment Petition
  • If tenants submit a request for repairs, respond to it in a timely manner and keep a copy of the response.
  • Keep records of the invoices and receipts for any contracting services.
  • The tenant has the option to withdraw the petition if you can fix the issue.
  • If you do not respond to their request in a timely way, the tenant may call the Code Compliance office and you could receive a Notice of Violation.
  • If you do not fix the issue before getting a second notice, you may start getting charged fines.

If you receive notice of a complaint, respond using the form that was mailed to you. You can also submit it online.

Tenant Responses may only be filed online for cases that were originally filed online. Please check to make sure there is an online number listed next to the case number on the documents you have received. All other responses should be submitted in paper to the Rent Adjustment Program Office.

You may attach any relevant documents to your response or up until 7 days before a scheduled hearing.