Request Tools for Adopt a Spot volunteers

Use this form to provide information about your event (who, what, where, when, why) and request tools from Oakland Public Works for your volunteer cleaning or greening project on City of Oakland land or right of way.

Due to COVID-19 safety restrictions we are only supporting volunteer activities by individuals and households volunteering to clean, green, and beautify Oakland public lands. Non-volunteer events are not eligible.

Larger group projects are currently ineligible.

Tool loans during this time for registered Oakland Adopt a Spot and storm Drain volunteers only. Tool loans during this time are primarily long-term until further notice when we are safely equipped to handle returns. To apply to Oakland Adopt a Spot, visit

If you are requesting tools for group projects for Creek to Bay Day, Earth Day, or MLK Day of Service, please do so through the event registration specific to each of those events.

Tool pick ups and drop offs must be scheduled with your Stewardship liaison. Please note that tool loan hours and locations are more restricted during COVID-19.

We require a minimum of one week from the date of this request and the time of tool pickup. More lead time is preferred. We may not be able to fulfill requests with shorter lead time. If you have any questions, please email