Request a Bike Rack

Anyone can request a free rack to be placed on City-owned property. Requests can be made online or by phone, with the process as outlined below.

Online Bike Rack Request Form


Bicycle Coordinator Phone

(510) 238-3983

Sidewalk Bike Rack Guidelines

Sidewalk Bike Rack Guidelines
  1. Once a request is received:
  2. 1. it is logged and grouped with other requests for site inspection by batch.
  3. 2. City staff inspects the proposed locations, evaluating each site based on Oakland’s Sidewalk Bike Rack Guidelines
    to ensure adequate clearance for pedestrian right-of-way, provide sufficient distance from fire hydrants, curb ramps, and other features. Due to the great interest in this program, staff cannot respond to each suggestion.
  4. 3. If installation is feasible, staff notifies the adjacent business of the proposed installation, allowing two weeks for comment.
  5. 4. Approved sites are grouped into work orders (typically including 10 or more locations).

About the CityRacks Bicycle Parking Program

Oakland bike rack types
Oakland bike rack types

Since 1999, the City of Oakland has installed nearly 2,700 bicycle parking racks in the public right-of-way. These racks—accommodating over 6,000 bicycles—can be found in commercial districts, in parks, and at libraries and other public facilities. CityRacks are not installed in residential areas.

The CityRacks Program installs two rack styles: the inverted U and circle (pictured, right). These racks are fabricated from recycled, galvanized steel, and with square tubing for maximum security (square tube is less vulnerable—though not impervious—to hand-held power tools). By limiting the number of rack types offered, the City can respond to requests most cost-effectively, and can replace damaged racks without a time-consuming procurement process. (Other rack types may be installed as part of streetscape and development projects.) There is no fee for bicycle parking rack or installation for CityRacks, and anyone can request a free rack to be placed on City-owned property.

Sidewalk racks:

  1. complete the Online Request Form; OR
  2. contact the Bicycle & Pedestrian Facilities Coordinator at (510) 238-3983 or, and provide the location address, business name, requestor name and contact information, and if possible, how you learned about Oakland's CityRacks Program.

In-street bicycle parking corrals: see web page

CityRacks Process & Requirements

The waiting period for a requested bicycle parking rack v depending on availability of funding and complexity of the installation. The City has a goal of installing bicycle parking racks requested through the CityRacks Program once every six months or after 25 sites have been approved, whichever comes first.

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Since 2010, most funding for the CityRacks Program comes from grants from the Transportation Fund for Clean Air, a program of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District administered by the Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC). Rack maintenance is funded by Oakland’s share of Measure B and BB, the half-cent, countywide transportation sales tax, 5-8% of which is dedicated to bicycle and pedestrian projects.