Pay Rent Adjustment Program Fee & Business Taxes

Landlords must register to pay the fee and their business taxes using this application with the Business Tax Office.

Pay Rent Adjustment Fee

Annual RAP Fee

Each year property owners are required to pay a fee for each rental unit they own that is covered by the Rent Adjustment Ordinance or the Just Cause for Eviction Ordinance (Measure EE). The fee is currently $101.

If the fee is paid on time, property owners are entitled to collect one half of the fee ($50.50) from the tenant(s) of the rental unit for which the fee is paid.

The Rent Adjustment Program allows property owners to petition for pre-approval of a rent increase. Property Owners may petition for an exemption from the Rent Adjustment Program for qualifying properties. Property Owners may apply to remove a property from the rental market as allowed by the Ellis Act.

Business Taxes

All landlords who rent out their property in Oakland, including persons who rent or sublet rooms are required to file and obtain a business tax certificate. You may qualify for a business tax exemption if the property is owner-occupied. For more information please visit Owner Occupied Residential Landlord Business Tax Refund.

Business taxes are due by March 1st of each year and are based on the annual gross rental income. For more information, please contact the City of Oakland Business Tax office by phone at (510) 238-3704 or email at