Join One of our Adult Sports Programs

Looking for activities to move more and sit less? Our sports programs allow grown-ups play like kids-at-heart. We offer slow pitch softball, basketball, volleyball, golf, flag football and tennis.

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We offer divisions for women, men 30 and over, and co-ed teams for our spring and winter basketball leagues. Games occur on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings for 10 weeks. You can register as an individual or team in January or March.

Flag Football

We offer divisions for both beginner and advanced men, women and co-ed teams during the fall season. Games occur on Saturday mornings for five weeks. You can register in September.


We offer slow pitch softball leagues year-round during the evening in 10 week seasons. The top four teams play for the championship tournament. You can register in February, May, or July.


We offer women and reverse co-ed volleyball divisions for winter, spring and fall seasons. Games occur on on Monday and Thursday evenings for eight weeks. You can register in September.