Help with Cats/Kittens

During high kitten season in the spring and summer, it’s not unusual to discover a nest of unattended kittens or a single kitten seemingly abandoned by the mother.

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Kittens that need help guide

Before jumping to the rescue

Assess the kittens’ apparent health:

  • Does their fur look healthy, full and fluffy? OR Are they dirty? Sickly? Eyes crusty?
  • Are they sleeping quietly? In a heap? OR Are they crying? Squalling?
  • Are they dry? OR Are they wet/soaked?

Assess the environment. Are the kittens in immediate danger from:

  • Rain? Wet weather/flooding? Cold?
  • Wild animals? Raccoons? Dogs?
  • Traffic – pedestrian foot traffic? Bicycles or cars? Mean neighbors/kids?

Take a look at this guide to determine if kittens need your help or not. Remember that removing very young kittens from Mama Cat greatly reduces their chances of survival even if you provide round-the-clock care.

Remove the kittens only if they are in immediate, grave danger or if they appear very sickly and ill.

Other Resources:

If you decide to raise abandoned kittens, check with Pet Food Express. They may be able to provide free starter kits that contain a small amount of specially formulated kitten milk, a bottle, and other emergency, essential supplies for raising a tiny kitten.

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