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Contact a City Labor Union

This page includes a list of contacts for the City's labor unions.

Union NameAddressPhone/FaxKey ContactsEmail
CMEA 1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
6th Floor Oakland, CA 94612
Jamie Smith
(510) 238-3812
Jaime Pritchett
(510) 238-4735
Jamie Smith (Vice Pres)
Jaime Pritchett (Secretary)
Jamie Smith
Jaime Pritchett
Local 21 (IFPTE)1440 Broadway, Suite 610, Oakland, CA 94612Phone
(510) 451- 4982
(510) 451-1736
Kathryn General
Sharon Jenkins
Anthony Reese
(Chapter VP)
Local 55
369 15th Street Oakland, CA 94612Phone
(510) 339-9073
(510) 834-0812
Daniel C. Robertson
(510) 410-4238 (DR)
Zac Unger
Daniel C. Robertson
Local 1021 (SEIU)100 Oak Street
Oakland, CA 94607
Attn: Oakland Chapter
(510) 350-4527
(510) 504-2096
Julio Corral
Felipe Cuevas (Chapter President)
Local 1245

P.O. Box 942

Rancho Murieta, CA 95683

(209) 617-4715
Charley Souders(Business Rep) effective 9/24/
OPOA/OPMA 555 5th Street Oakland, CA 94607 Phone
Barry Donelan (President)