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Apply/Renew a Residential Parking Permit

Apply for or renew a Residential Parking Permit (RPP) online, by mail or in person. A RPP lets you park your vehicle in certain neighborhoods in Oakland. RPP account holders can also purchase 1-day and 14-day visitor passes.

Application Form


Apply or renew your RPP online. You can only renew your permit online if you received a letter from the City of Oakland saying you are eligible for online renewal.


Mail your application, required documents and fee to:

Parking Citation Assistance Center - Parking Permits
270 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612

In person

Come to the Parking Citation Assistance Center located in the same plaza as Oakland City Hall. The address is:

270 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza (entrance facing State Building on Clay Street)
Oakland, CA 94612

Please bring your application and required documents. We accept credit or debit card, check, money order and cash. We are open Monday-Friday 10:00am to 2:00pm

What documents do I need to apply for a RPP?

  • For verification of License Plate Number, current vehicle registration must be presented.
  • To prove residency, one item from each category reflecting your address within the residential parking permit zone will be required as sufficient proof of residency.

Category 1- reflecting applicant (s) name:

Category 2- reflecting applicant (s) name:

Current rental agreement or

Current vehicle registration

Current mortgage statement or

Current driver’s license

Current property tax bill

What else do I need to know before I apply or renew?

  • Your address needs to be correct and up to date on your vehicle registration and driver's license. You can update your address with the DMV online. After updating your address, print the confirmation and submit it with your application.

How long does it take?

Up to 3 weeks online or by mail. If you need your permit(s) sooner, please visit us in person.

How much does it cost?

Permit fees are listed below. All fees are for one vehicle/license plate except for visitor permits.

All Areas except M

  • New Annual Permit (6 months - 1 year) - $84.00
  • New Prorated Permit (less than 6 months) - $59.00
  • Renewal - $61.00
  • Visitor (1 day) - $5.00/permit
  • Visitor (14 days) - $27.00/permit

Area M

  • New Annual Permit (6 months - 1 year) - $162.00
  • New Prorated Permit (less than 6 months) - $117.00
  • Renewal - $162.00
  • Visitor (1 day) - $10.00/permit
  • Visitor (14 days) - $52.00/permit

It costs $11.00 to replace a lost or damaged permit. Fees are listed on page E-9 of the 2021-2022 Master Fee Schedule, which is the City of Oakland's official policy on fees and charges.

How many permits can I get?

It depends on what Area you live in. The limits for the number of RPPs that will be issued per address are:

  • Area F - 1
  • Area M - No limit
  • Area N and Q- 2
  • All other Areas - 3

Do I live in a RPP area?

To find a RPP area, visit this map. Streets located in RPP areas are marked with two colored lines. Click the lines to find out what area you live in. You can also enter your address in the search bar.

How do I purchase visitor permits now that the City has transitioned to a license plate-based permit system?

According to Oakland’s “Parking Principles” (Resolution 84664 CMS), staff are expected to “actively manage” the parking system to make “parking easier” and to achieve other City goals.

Recently, the Resident Permit Parking (RPP) program transitioned to a license plate-based or "virtual permit" system. This transition has been years in the making and will eventually have many advantages, for example, enforcing time limits in RPP areas is now done exclusively using City vehicles specially-equipped with license plate reading cameras.

As part of this innovation, staff are working to implement a new parking permit portal that will be available online 24/7. The portal has been designed to be a “one-stop shop” for permit customers, making it easy to establish eligibility, secure new and renew annual permits, purchase visitor permits and other options. The portal is expected to go live in late spring or early summer of 2022.

We apologize for the delay in launching the portal and realize that it has caused some confusion and trouble, especially with regard to purchasing and using visitor permits.

Until the new portal is available, RPP account holders are invited to purchase visitor permits (a maximum of five 1-day and five 14-day permits per account -- see above for price details) by simply visiting the Parking Citation Assistance Center (PCAC) in person or via mail (attention RPP Permits). Unique "pending" permit numbers will be added to your account and ready to use when you are.

To activate a pre-purchased visitor permit, residents simply let staff know the pending permit number, the date of activation and the license plate of the visiting vehicle. This can be done via email ( or voicemail (510-238-4717). Requests that are received at least one day prior to activation, with complete and accurate information, will be honored.

First time purchasing visitor permits via mail? Can't find your pre-paid visitor permit numbers? Can't remember how many visitor permits you have left to use? Don't worry, simply email ( or call (800-500-6484) and we can help.

My residential Parking Permit has been denied. How do I appeal?

You can appeal your residential parking permit denial by writing a letter detailing your appeal and mailing it to:

Parking Citation Assistance Center

Attn: Unit Supervisor, RPP Appeal

270 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza

Oakland, CA 94612

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Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.
Your feedback will help us improve our website. We cannot reply individually to all feedback.