Apply for Zoning Clearance Permit

If your business is in the City of Oakland, even if it is an office in your home, you'll need to get a Zoning Clearance Permit.

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Further Background

EXEMPTIONS: You don't need a Zoning Clearance Permit if your business is outside of the City or if your only business is being a rental property operator (landlord). You also don’t need a Zoning Clearance for operating a family daycare home, which is a facility that provides care, protection, and supervision for fourteen or fewer children, in the provider’s own home, for periods of less than 24 hours per day, while the parents or guardians are away.

The Zoning Clearance Permit means your business can operate at your chosen location. In some cases, before you get a Zoning Clearance your proposed business activity must also go through a special Conditional Use Permit process.

The Zoning Clearance is a one-time permit that is good as long as your business stays the same and in the same location. You will need the Zoning Clearance permit before applying for your business tax certificate.

If your business will be open to the public, be sure you are also following all applicable local, state and federal laws to ensure access for disabled persons.

You can get learn more about zoning permits by calling the Zoning Hotline at (510) 238-3911.