Speed Bump Application


Transportation Services

(510) 238-3466

Oakland installs speed bumps on residential streets to encourage motorists to travels at safe speeds. Residents can petition the City to have bumps installed on their street. Speed bump street criteria include:

  • not be on an emergency route
  • have the approval of Oakland Fire Services
  • be classified as a local/residential street
  • be no wider than 40 feet from curb to curb
  • have no more than two lanes of travel (one in each direction)
  • be relatively flat with a grade not exceeding 7%
  • have a speed limit of 25 mph
  • not be on an AC Transit route, and
  • not be a dead-end street

Applicants must submit an application and official petition form with signatures from a minimum of 2/3 (67%) of the addresses on the block.

Steps to Submit Application

  1. Include your name, mailing address, and telephone number on the petition so we can contact you. Also, remember to sign the petition.
  2. List all the addresses on your street including those whose signatures could not be obtained. Include all corner properties even if the property’s address is on the cross street.
  3. List each unit separately in a multiple housing complex (apartment, duplex, four-plex, etc.). Obtain a signature for each unit. EXCEPTION: an owner or manager of a multiple housing complex can sign for the entire complex. Please indicate if an owner/manager has signed for the entire complex.
  4. Write “Vacant” in the “Name” column if you know a dwelling is unoccupied.
  5. Signatures are required representing at least 67% of the addresses within the block defined.
  6. Photocopy the enclosed petition form if you need additional forms for signature. Also, keep a copy of everything you send to OakDOT.
  7. Send your completed petition to:

Oakland Department of Transportation

250 Frank Ogawa Plaza, #4344

Oakland, CA 94612-2033