Utilities Undergrounding

Utilities lines are being moved underground in some places to increase safety and improve aesthetics

Posted: August 31st, 2018 3:44 PM

Last Updated: June 2nd, 2021 6:17 PM

California Public Utilities Commission Rule 20 provides for the installation of overhead utilities underground at the request of a public agency or in conjunction with private development. The guidelines for Rule 20 projects are accessible through the PG&E website:

Property owners wishing to have the electrical wires undergrounded in their neighborhood may petition the City of Oakland. There are two different ways to petition:

Under Rule 20A, the cost is paid by PG&E, Pacific Bell, AT&T Broadband and the property owners. There is a waiting list of about 40 years for this program.

Under Rule 20B, all costs paid by the property owners. Currently there is no waiting list for this program.

Click here for the wait list of Rule 20A projects, as of November 2007. This list includes current undergrounding projects.

Streets Where Electrical Lines Are Undergrounded

Updated August 1, 2016

List of Utility Undergrounded Streets

Piedmont Pines Utility Undergrounding Project Phase II

Piedmont Pines Utility Undergrounding Project Phase II

Under Development

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  2. Map with Streetlights
  3. APN with Address List
  4. Project Schedule
  5. Council Report and Resolution
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  8. Engineer's Report (May 2021)