Parties collecting, transporting or disposing of construction and demolition (C&D) debris in Oakland are required to obtain a Non-Exclusive Franchise (NEF) from the City of Oakland, including:

  • Demolition contractors and sub-contractors.
  • Parties collecting, transporting or disposing of C&D debris using fixed body trucks, trailers or debris boxes.

Exceptions. A Non-Exclusive Franchise (NEF) is not required for the following:

  • A party collecting and transporting C&D materials salvaged for reuse and donated by the property owner or contractor.
  • A property owner or full-time employee of a property owner using the property owner’s equipment to collect and transport C&D debris.
  • A construction contractor performing construction work whose collection and transport of C&D debris is incidental to the construction work, provided that the contractor uses their own fixed-body vehicle and employees to collect and transport the C&D debris, and collects and transports the C&D debris at no additional or separate fee. This “incidental” provision does not apply to demolition contractors and sub-contractors.
  • A party collecting source separated commodities, separated on the job site, for recycling.

Parties collecting and transporting C&D debris in violation of the Oakland Municipal Code may be subject to City enforcement actions.

To apply for a Non-Exclusive Franchise (NEF) Agreement

Construction & Demolition Debris Hauling - Non-Exclusive Franchises (NEF) Requirement Established:

On July 1, 2015 Ordinance 13315 C.M.S. amending Oakland Municipal Code Chapter 15.34 CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION DEBRIS COLLECTION, TRANSPORTATION, WASTE REDUCTION AND RECYCLING REQUIREMENTS went into effect.