Weekly collection is required to protect public health. The 20-gallon cart is the smallest container size allowed for trash collection. Residents are not required to use the recycling and compost collection services, but the costs of those services are included on the trash bill regardless of whether the services are used.

Recycling right, by using your compost and recycling services may allow you to reduce your trash cart size, saving you money while you’re helping protect our environment. Condo and apartment buildings are required by the Oakland Municipal Code (8.28.100, 8.28.120) to subscribe to weekly trash collection service that is sufficient to prevent accumulation, and no less than 20 gallons of weekly trash service per dwelling unit, or to obtain a Self-Haul Permit issued by the City (8.28.115) that would provide equivalent service to all residents. To protect public health, collection service must be at least weekly.

Providing residents access to compost and recycling service is mandatory. Property managers may order additional compost and recycling containers to serve your needs at no additional charge.

For more information on rules and regulations for compost and recycling service in condo and apartment buildings, go to www.recyclingrulesac.org.

Trash and Compost – to obtain additional compost containers or adjust trash service levels call Waste Management at 510-613-8710.

Recycling – to start recycling services or obtain additional containers, call California Waste Solutions at 510-OAKLAND (625-5263).